Rhadana Bintangor Island – West Sumatra

Rhadana Bintangor Island is part of the West Sumatra province, the capital of which is Padang, located just 1 degree south of the Equator line. From Padang a mountain road takes you southward 57 km away to a very typical fishing harbor and from there a 15 minutes boat ride has you reach Rhadana Bintangor Island.
The resort is located on the south eastern tip of Cubadak Island, facing Sumatra from a distance at some points of just 700 meters, thus giving the feeling of bordering a lake surrounded by mountains with a thick jungle covering its slopes down to the sea.

d’KampoAng Villas & Resort – Kapo kapo Island, Sumatera Barat

Inhabited by only dozens of residents, the Kapo Kapo island has its own uniqueness. With the development of the islands that will serve unique experience. to feel the atmosphere of life in the village. Located in western Sumatra,  Kapo Kapo island  will be converted into The Kampoeng Villas & Resort which retains the homes of local residents and the natural beauty and beaches.

Rhadana Pagang Island – West Sumatra

Pagang island is one of the most wanted destinations in West Sumatra, Its just around 5miles or 13km away from Padang the capital city of West Sumatra. Pagang Island very famous with its white sands, beautiful beach, with an amazing coral reef and underwater life. The name of this island came from the history of a family who got separated from a conflicts then run away and lives in the islands nearby, Pamutusan island and Pasumpahan island. they finally meet and get together again in Pagang which means “Family Unite”. Pagang island has a distance of 2.47km2 around the island and or 10 hectares covers of hills and rocky beaches. Its possible to go around Pagang island for an hour walking.

The Moa Exotic Island, Maluku Barat Daya

Moa Island is located in Southwest Maluku district, as with other areas in the region, most of the Moa Island area covered with grass savannas. Located on eastern side of Indonesia has many benefit especially the beaches, lot of virgin beaches. The beaches are white sand with a sloping shoreline.
Moa’s local people also very welcoming you will see a lot of traditional dance in the traditional village in the framework of the ceremony, reception or wedding either. With luck, your arrival to Moa will also be greeted with dancing with the dancers dressed in full woven fabric. Feels like a special guest!

“Journey leading to just an end is better lost on the way. Who knows you would explore the real destination.”